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Vibe as ‘internal communications tool’

999 Vibe BeUpdated YouTube video

TripleNine and customer driven innovative solutions 

How can you combine IT and fish meal in benefit of your company – and your customers? In our latest story from one of our customers CEO Peter Jensen from TripleNine will tell you about the use – and the benefits of using social technology for internal communication between management and employees in different locations.

(The story is presented here as the original script for the video. To watch the video (only) go to bottom of page.)

Vibe as ‘internal communications tool’

zispa, triplenine, 999, vibe, infoskærm, intern kommunikation, infoskærme

“Here at TripleNine we aim to make our customers better and stay ahead of competition. In all levels we collaborate with our customers – from ideas to prototype to final product tests here at our test facilities in Esbjerg.

999, triplenine, vibe, zispa, ceo, peter jensen, peter, mand, youtube, video, projektledelse

My name is Peter Jensen and I am the CEO at TripleNine (999) in Denmark. The name 999 is referring to our first telephone number – back in 1948, where 52 local fishermen formed the first ‘cooperative’ company of its kind. 

Today we employ 100 people, here at headquarters in Esbjerg and our production plant in Thyborøn. 

In close collaboration with our customers and shareholders we develop, produce and trade high quality fish meal and fish oil for aquaculture, agriculture and pet food worldwide.”

999, fiskemel, fiskeolie, triplenine, vibe, zispa, youtube, video 

Why we succeed – being the best at 4 top priorities 

“In a fast moving world, where every organisation needs to be faster, better and adapt to changing markets, we need to make our whole supply chain agile, optimized and cost effective and provide our customers with: 

  1. Traceability
  2. Sustainability
  3. On time delivery
  4. Prime quality 

We need to meet both national authorities, customers, shareholders and contribute to a healthy and sustainable environment – starting with the fisherman at sea…” 

The fisherman as first valuable chain 

“In order to make sure the fisherman gets the best possible price for his catch (of the day) – he needs to provide fresh fish in the right time. In the old days communicating by phone and fax – today through real time data from mobile devices to Vibe.

999, vibe, dokumentation, zispa, triplenine, youtube, video

When at sea, the fisherman provides us with data about quantity, what kind of fish and ETA (estimated time on arrival) – and at shore we can notify and prepare for next level in the supply chain – calling in extra men or changing equipment (according to type of fish). As well as keeping track of documentation (i.e. not exceeding qoutas etc.).” 

Close collaboration in different locations 

“As we have people in different locations – both at sea, headquarter and production plant in Thyborøn it can be difficult to keep transparency in communication and high level of collaboration – from management to employees in different departments. 

With Vibe as our ‘internal communications tool’ we have built a platform where all can communicate and always be updated with latest and relevant information – meaning each person  can easily focus on the right project.

999, thyborøn, samarbejde, vibe, zispa, triplenine, youtube, video

As our 3-shift needs to inform about rising problems, challenges or fixed solutions they need to able to communicate and keep track of communications all times – in order to be quick, secure and provide the best 24-hour service for customers. 

For management it means that with Vibe as a communication platform, we can collaborate in all levels – making goals and visions transparent to everyone and work ‘as one’. Also including the fisherman at sea. 

We keep focus on our main purpose – to ensure the prime quality in close collaboration and customer driven innovative solutions for both sustainability and the environment.”

999, ledelse, medarbejder, socialt værktøj, samarbejde, Vibe, zispa, triplenine, youtube, video

For watching the entire video (2:51) click here

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